Description: The Meris are denizens of Merisee in the Elrood sector. A Meris is humanoid, with dark-blue skin, a pronounced eyebrow ridge and a conical ridge on the top of the head. The webbed hands have both an opposable thumb and end finger, giving them greater dexterity. Inward-spiraling cartilage leads to the ear canal and several thick folds of skin drape around the neck. Meris move with a fluid grace and have amazing coordination.

The Meris share their homeworld with another species called the Teltiors. Separated by vast and violent seas, the two species grew without any knowledge of the other, and when contact came, it resulted in bloody conflict lasting hundreds of years.

While once a true race of warriors, the Meris have learned how to peacefully coexist with the Teltiors. Many Meris have applied their intelligence to farming and healing, but there are many others who have gone into varied fields, such as starship engineering, business, soldiering, and numerous other common occupations. Merisee is a major agricultural producer for Elrodd Sector.

The Meris are a friendly people, but do not blindly trust those who haven't proven themselves worthy. Like most other species, Meris have a wide range of personalities and behaviors - some are extremely peaceful, while others are quick to anger and fight. The Meris are a hard-working people, many of whom spend time in quiet contemplation playing mental exercise games like holochess.

Special Abilities:

Stealth: Meris gain a +2D when using sneak.

Skill Bonus: Meris can choose to focus on one of the following skills: agriculture, first aid or medicine. They receive a bonus of +2D to the chosen skill, and advancing that skill costs half the normal amount of skill points.

Special Skills:

Agriculture: Time to use: five minutes. Agriculture enables the user to know when and where to best plant crops, how to keep the crops alive, how to rid them of pests, and how to best harvest and store them.

Weather Prediction: Time to use: one minute. This skill allows Meris to accurately predict weather on Merisee and similar worlds. This is a Moderate task on planets with climate conditions similar to Merisee. The task’s difficulty increases the more the planet's climate differs from Merisee's. The prediction is effective for four hours; the difficulty increases if the Meris wants to predict over a longer period of time.

Story Factors: No Story Factors

Maximum Playability: PC
Homeworld: Merisee
Basic Language Ability: Speak
Attribute Dice: 12D
Dexterity Range: 3D+2 / 6D
Perception Range: 1D / 4D
Knowledge Range: 1D / 4D
Strength Range: 2D / 4D
Mechanical Range: 1D / 4D
Technical Range: 2D / 4D
Height Range: 1.50m / 2.20m
Land Movement Range: 10m / 12m
Water Movement Range: 0m / 0m
Air Movement Range: 0m / 0m
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